Kitchen Remodels

If the home is where the heart is then the kitchen is the soul. Whether you’re a chef at heart, a coffee connoisseur, or cooking conversationalist, the kitchen is where the family gathers. No need to shell out the big bucks for a new home with the kitchen you crave. Trust our team of talented designers for a complete kitchen remodel. Suncoast Custom Homes mixes modern appliances with a spoonful of storage and a healthy dollop of functional design.

Planning a kitchen remodel may feel intimidating, but we’re here to help make the process simple, seamless, and, above all, practical. We’ve outlined a few common areas to consider as you begin planning this culinary undertaking.

Remodeling, like most things, begins with a list. What are you unhappy about your kitchen? Go from top to bottom. Do you wish you had more cabinet space and storage? Are you dreaming of an open concept? Perhaps you’ve been craving a stain-resistant countertop? Make a list of the functional changes you’d like to make in your kitchen, as well as aesthetic additions.

Speaking of aesthetics, the kitchen is one of the most exciting areas in your home to remodel. Not only is the kitchen the heart and soul of the home but it is usually one of the most spacious areas in your house. Redefine the space by opening up the kitchen and infusing modern design with a functional flow.

Is your home on the market? Luxury kitchens are a distinct selling point that may be the difference between a stagnant sell or record-breaking homebuyer sweep!

Give us a call to begin planning your kitchen remodel. Our talented team members are eager to give you the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of.

White kitchen with hood.

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